Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I messed up on an order by only shipping half of it, which = FAIL. It seems I am now suffering from preggo-brain which also = FAIL in dealing with simple activities. I just feel really bad for this customer, however she has been really forgiving about this whole ordeal even though it took me 5 days to get back to her which = FAIL. So I'm really kicking myself in the butt for this one and really pray I don't fail this bad again =(

Anyways, preggo-brain means the only thing I think about is the impending baby which is slated to be pending in (Egads!)less then 4 weeks! I still have a ton to do in this apartment =( which has brought out the handywoman in me which I will go into details about later! I've also had to drop some projects I planned on doing such as making cat scratchers out of the plethora of cardboard boxes I have about, and I will now be offering those cardboard boxes on craigslist. I also won't be doing all that I wanted to do with the chopped up christmas tree sitting on the balcony and I've dropped the candle making project which would have used the needles of the tree and I have no idea of what to do with those and will probably find a city compost bin to dump them in. However the other two projects are under way and the first is for the baby (of course) and that is a butterfly mobile.
Anyways the spring cleaning/baby preparations shall now be underway as I have a mop and a step stool to reach and clean the ceiling fan blades and the retarded 2 ft dust/mold collecting gaps between the tops of the shelves and the ceiling throughout the apartment. I shall spare you the rest of details because I feel utterly overwhelmed under the weight of what I need to get done before this little girl chilling in my belly makes her appearance. I just pray she will be a week or two late so I can get it all done!

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Hyla said...

LOL, make hubby help! Especially with the climbing that could make you go early!