Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life as we call it

Yesterday was the most recent appointment with my midwife, and good news the baby grew! The measurement is still a little small but the 2cm improvement is a big one! Thanks for those who prayed and sent good thoughts for her not to be growth restricted! Other news on the appointment I elected not to take the group b strep test. Why would I elect not to take a test for a bacteria that is linked to serious illness in newborns? First because 0.5 percent of the women who have tested positive for GBS and delivered without treatment, had infants that became ill from it making that a rare occurrence. Second I'm doing a home birth so I don't have the use of intervening drugs be pushed on me, but that doesn't mean that the midwife could not administer the antibiotics through an IV during the birth process. Third I do not do well with antibiotics, as I've had a problem with sinus infections for most of my life and came to the discovery that the antibiotics given to me by the Doc. would make me more ill so that I could "feel better." Which means I got all of the side effects, lets add a little nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extra dizziness, ect on to that sinus infection. Needless to say I decided to prefer to function better and get better by using homeopathic remedies and by doing this I also found the cause of the infections (something I sought from the doctors but they never wanted to diagnose) which was dust allergies.
However, with my reasons not to do the testing that does not mean I'm not taking natural preventative measures which Mary Lou has included in the birth booklet that she gives to her customers. These measures and the statistic above are referenced from Mothering Magazine, prevention can be done through the use of probiotics or the ingestion of fermented foods such as pickles, yogurt, kefir, miso and tempeh. Miso and tempeh are pretty frequent in my diet as well as

GT's Organic Raw Kombucha which really boosts my immune system, gives me energy, and is packed with the best vitamins for pregnancy, since most of the immune system boosting herbs I use are so are not to be used during pregnancy I have defaulted to this and yes it is safe for pregnancy. Garlic is also very effective at treating this as well which is something I include in nearly every meal.


Hyla said...

What is this you are talking about, can you explain more? What does it taste like? Measurements are never 100% in the womb. I had no idea you were worrying. She will be fine!


Wenchie said...

The taste of the GT's Kombucha differs between the flavors, I prefer the tart vinegary ones like the Trilogy, Ginger and Lemon flavors. The Guava one is sweet and I haven't tried most of the others because of my preferences but I would assume the sweeter the fruit used the more juice like the drink is. Also if you haven't had it before introduce it slowly and do not use kombucha teas (ie the yogi brand green tea with kombucha) as they are considered to be too strong.

Yeah she was at the same measurement for four weeks so we went to the backup doctor for an ultrasound which is the video a few posts back. But things are certainly fine now =D How are things going with you have you had anymore brackson hicks contractions?