Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poor Ru

This is the ever adorable little Ru before I got lovely little this companion for Max she had a rough life! But now that I've had her for 6 or more years it's been all posh. Yes I spoil my cats with the best foods, Max and Brix are on Innova Evo and Ru is on Wellness because she has a sensitive tummy.
Anyways lately she's been itching and has some scabbing around her neck at the base of her tail but no hair loss so it didn't point to mange and when this first started happening I searched for fleas but couldn't find any and there were no reddish bumps pointing to these coming from flea bites. She has had a history of dandruff so I figured it was from that and would go away in time. As of last night, however her scratching had gotten worse and there are now scabs all down her back! So I searched the skin again and was able to spy one massive flea! I've been good at keeping the cats flea free until now which Ru being the only girl in the tribe has been painfully struggling with them. Also fleas love me and Ru has been sleeping on my pillow at night and I have not gotten any bites even though I have extra blood with being pregnant, which is another reason I didn't think she had fleas!
I did some research and decided to spray her with a diluted tea tree oil solution and rubbed it in, making sure she didn't lick at it as I prepped the tub for her arrival. (NOTE If you use tea tree oil as a means of flea control make sure your cats do Not ingest it as it is toxic to them if ingested I had to do some research on this before deciding to use it and some sites do not mention that!) Until three years ago I had been good at keeping the cats familiar with taking baths but since that has lapsed Ru being sensitive gets really scared so much so in fact that the bath literally scared the piss out of her, twice V_V Anyways to bathe the cats I use Wags Wheatgrass Coconut Shampoo which really helps their skin, coat, and smell, if that isn't enough it's all natural with no eco-unfriendly chemicals.

To check out this product Click Here
So here's a pic of the unhappy wet princess after her bath:

She should be done drying by now and I have one more thing to put on her itchy coat and that is a mix of Olive Oil with Coconut Oil and Honey, The oils are to soothe her skin and coat, plus enzymes in honey are very effective at treating itchy bug bites and wounds in general. Also by combining the honey with the oils it is not sticky, however she may end up getting lots of licking from Max as he loves sweets.

I actually found out recently that combining honey with coconut oil rendered the honey stickyless as I used it to clear up it a little itchy preggo rash I had, which is did over night! So there's a Wenchie remedy for ya!


Hyla said...

Cute kitty! Love the remedies too!

I found two sites for your shampoo

Wenchie said...

Thanks for adding those I also update the post with the actual site which I found today