Friday, June 27, 2008

Back onto makin things!

I have been working on items while fussing over my cat so far I've made 2 lapel pins 1 pair of another one of a kind hair gear hair sticks and a really lovely unique pendant and a secret item that I shall not reveal until it's up in my shop! I also carved a hair stick so that I will no longer be dependant on the lack of the wooden ones in my area. I and perhaps with the help of others have managed to clean out all of the black lacquered hair sticks within my area so there won't be any new ones for a few weeks. The metal ones cast of course will be more expensive but that is to be expected.

Other good news I got more supplies today in the form of a beautiful desk clock that I got from ebay. Sadly it has been dismantled (insert scream of horror here) however, as beautiful as it was it did not work and was missing the pendulum at the bottom for it to tick and perhaps some other parts as well =/ So it will be getting new life in jewelry, accessories, and perhaps collages. I really hate destroying such lovely items of antiquity but I paid for it by not being smart and wearing gloves so the spring cut me on my finger and knuckle it's not bad at all but my harp lesson tonight will be painful =P

Max Update:
He's feeling well enough to resume his morning duties of waking Jason and I up in the morning. I still gave him fluids and of course the ever hated meds. I'm going to try to get a pic of his clavamox face tomorrow.

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