Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Or not...I've been posting pics of these wonderful military inspired pieces but they are not up on etsy yet (The Empyreal Pendant and the Esteemed General's Emblem and a new one pictured on my flickr account)So why am I stalling on getting these guys up? First off I love the Empyreal Pendant so it's mine, for now! Also I'm figuring on doing something different and much more then just a military themed line of jewelry and I may need to do a collaboration on this as well. I'm working out the details and I need to get some feedback from my trusted sources before I move forward and get people's hopes up with bs which I've sorta done so far with saying I'm going to post these items =/. So it shall be a while before those go up and if this project goes through It will be very exciting. I honestly ave been a slacker in one thing though and that is making my official shop logo =/ which I will try to get done this week as well as a half finished painting for the SteamTeam competition. Other things I'm excited about is my lost wax technique class starts this evening, and I have an audition for a casting company on Thursday afternoon! Please wish me luck send happy thoughts or prayers with these things!

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