Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yesterday's Listings

Here's the new items up on etsy

Pirate's Pike Earrings
They are a bit pricey because I had to remove the loop at the top of the skull and crossbones charm. Then carve out the back portion of and widen the skull charms so they would sit correctly on the spikes. All of that paid off to make a wickedly good pair of pirate earrings.

Elegant Deco - Chandelier Earrings
I've made several pairs of these before I started my etsy store but I've had to update the design with doing actual wire wrapped loops pricey again because of the wrapping work, sterling silver wire, and the fact that swarovski's are a b*tch to deal with I cracked one on this pair and had to discard it and redo one of the dangling bars.

Lately I've been in a wire wrapping mood and I'm planning a bracelet with some faceted turquoise beads and I have a matching bracelet for the Elegant Deco set but for some odd reason I just haven't put it up yet. On the flip side I'm working hard on the steamteam competition piece which is an acrylic on canvas painting! The contest is titled "Time Flies" but I decided to do my piece without the use of wings as a challenge to myself so far it looks pretty good and pics will be posted when it's finished.
I've got 5 jewelry pieces that need to be assembled and a horde of items to list in my destash/supply shop. On top of that I need to turn in more headshots and reformat my resume for the acting stuff and get that done by tues then I'm eager to see what I learn next in the lost wax class I should take pics of the ring before I send it off too!

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