Tuesday, June 10, 2008

un-named pendant or necklace

un-named pendant or necklace
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I just finished this piece and I may add a silk ribbon for it to be a necklace. This is yet another one of those pieces that sorta built it's self. I had the filigree part at the bottom on but then I had to find the perfect pieces to tie in with it. When I first started working on this it was not intended to be of the lolita style it just happened to piece together that way.
A lot of work went into this pendant as well where I had to clip and bend the filigree then clip a slim brass strip (a clicky thing on the large gears I have) then remove th back of the Victorian button and flip the background piece so it looks brand spanking new.
(Tangent Safari: I've had a delima with these stunning Victorian buttons I have and using them with in my jewelry because I have to destroy the historical integrity of them which makes me so friggin sad. However, the back of this button used was loose already and the back, before I flipped it, was pretty gummed up so it found a home on this pendant. End Tangent Safari) Beneath the button is a gear and beneath that is a full filigree piece of which the section at the bottom originates from. The bail on the clock hand is another random clock piece and in the hole of the clock hand on the back is a little watch gear that fit perfectly. Then I was farting around with these awesome raw brass bows that I got from Epoch Beads and it went great as the top of this piece except there are no loops at the top so I had to figure that out and my bails that I got a while ago happened to fit perfectly over the bow I had to contour it to the shape of the bow a little too. But seriously those pieces belong together they were meant to be.

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