Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time Flies...when you are having fun

Time Flies...when you are having fun
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This is my entry into the first Etsy SteamTeam contest which was create something around the phrase "time flies."

Originally this was going to just be the painting but then yesterday I got a little ambitious and decided to step up my game and make this an actual desk clock. My ambitions proved successful as the pieces I had on hand and the clock mechanism fit perfectly, as if they belonged together ( there's that phenomenon again). This was created out of my acrylic painting on canvas, a brand new clock mechanism, a vase holder from this handmade wooden clock I found at the thrift store. (there's a hole in the back that leaves perfect access for the battery and time adjustment of the clock ) There are a total of 8 gears on this guy one is sectioned into four pieces as corner embellishments with watch gears set in the centers, then the three at the top with the centers still in.

On to a description of the depiction! I wanted to convey the concept behind the phrase "Time Flies" but without the cliche of adding wings, for me that's just too easy I needed a challenge. So i decided to depict a clock face with the passage of time (based 12 hours) all at once, which has been displayed in my typical radial fashion, and then with the ghostly clock hands falling in the background. I added the gears to add more of a frame at the top for the piece, where as the wood piece was a little low for my likes, and I had to add the gear corner embellishment to tie in the gears at the top.

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