Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have accomplished 5 pieces in my lost wax class all of which will be sent off for casting tomorrow! Yeay!
One is a spike thing two are of shells one is a shell and then the signet ring. I'm getting two of the pieces cast in silver the spike thing and the shell! With my class I have mastered getting a smooth surface with the x-acto blade which is a great thing but I can't seem to be able to carve shapes with rounded or complex edges yet so I will have to work on it and waste lots of wax in the process V_V
In other news I have nearly completed my entry for the Etsy SteamTeam challenge! and It became more complex then what I had first imagined it to be. I must say it has become one of my insanely unique pieces much like the infamous winged chair. I am curious to see how it goes with people as I feel like a very mad mad crafter Mua ha ha...hahahaha...ha!

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